The ELHO Sideliner 1790 Pro is an automatic wrapper for large diameter round bales!

The versatile ELHO Sideliner 1790 Pro can easily wrap bales in sizes up to 1,8 meters in diameter, as the bale loading capacity is an impressive 1600 kilos. The strong loading arms automatically align the bale to the center of the wrap table. The satellite wrap arms feature dual 750mm plastic pre-stretchers and film break sensors. The hydraulic control of the tow bar ensures a smooth and convenient handling of the wrapper. Other standard features include a light kit and mudguards that keep the wrapper clean even on long transfer journeys.

To make collecting the wrapped bales easier, the Sideliner 1790 Pro can be equipped with a bale turning ramp and a drop mat.


Control Automatic
Number of pre-stretchers, 750 mm 2
Recommended bale diameter, m 1-1,8
Recommended bale width, m 1,2
Max bale weight, kg 1600
Max wrapping speed, RPM 45
Tyre size 380/55-17
Light kit X
Weight, kg 1480
Length, m 4,5
Width, m 2,85
Height, m 2,8-3,05
Oil pressure, bar 180-200
Hydraulic flow max/min l/min 50/20
Electrical connection ISO/TR 12372 12V/10 Amp
Hydraulic coupling, single action 1
Hydraulic connection-free return 1

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