Arrow NK 3200


Powerful disc mowers that are also suitable for smaller tractors.
Quick turns on headlands thanks to the lifting cylinder.
Easy to use.
Vertical transport position.
Reliable operation, both hydraulic and mechanic locking during transport.


Tractor power requirment, min/max, kW *):60-90
Minimum recommended tractor weight, kg*):4000
Cutting width, m: 3,2
Number of disc: 8
Adjustable High-skids: Standard
HydroBalance suspension: Standard
HydroActive Release: StandardX
Transport width, m:2,5
Transport machine height, m :3,8
Weight, kg: 920
PTO speed, 1000 rpm: Standard
PTO speed, 540 rpm: Option
Hydraulic connection-single action: 1
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar: 140-210
PTO connection 1 3/8″-Z6: Standard
3 point linkage : Cat.2/3

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