ELHO Twin 4600


Introducing the ELHO Twin 4600, a front-mounted swather with an angled rotor designed to significantly increase productivity. With the ability to lift and move forage or straw without driving over it, the Twin 4600 offers all the advantages of ELHO Twin models.

By using a swather, field driving is reduced by half, resulting in faster, more efficient forage harvesting and lower fuel costs when combined with a harvester/baler. The Twin 4600 is also perfect for turning and combining straw swaths, effectively combining two or three swaths when used as a “regular” swather.

With its fully hydraulic-driven system requiring only 25 l/min of oil flow, the Twin 4600 is highly efficient. It can be easily mounted to a front linkage or a front loader (Euro II) using the standard configuration.

Experience the accelerated forage harvesting with the ELHO Twin 4600 swather. Maximize productivity and efficiency on your farm today!


Working width, m 4,1
Swath width adjustment, mechanical x
Tine pattern 6
Rotor diameter, mm 655
Number of rake tines 138
Transport width, m 3
Transport height, m 1,6
Transport length, m 2,3
Tyre size 18X8,5-8
Weight, kg 540
Hydraulic coupling, single action 1
Hydraulic connection-free return 1
Number of hydraulic motors 2
Required oil flow, l/min 25
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar 175-210
3 point linkage Cat.2
Front linkage Cat.2
Front loader connection, euro x
X = Standard  O = Option  – = Not available

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