ELHO V-Twin 600


Introducing the ELHO V-Twin 600, a cost-effective front-mounted swather designed to optimize the capacity of your rear-mounted harvester. Swathing all types of forage cleanly and efficiently, the V-Twin 600 allows for optimal drying before harvesting. Simultaneous swathing and harvesting save time, fuel, and reduce field driving. Increase efficiency and ensure top-quality forage with the recommended combination of the ELHO V-Twin 600 and compatible rear attachments such as balers, baler-wrappers, or self-loading trailers. Discover the benefits today!


Working width, m 6
Swath width, m 1,2-1,3
Swath width adjustment, hydraulic
Swath width adjustment, mechanical x
Side shift at the draw bar, m
Tine pattern 6
Rotor diameter, mm 655
Number of rake tines 240
Transport width, m 2,4
Transport height, m 3,4
Transport length, m 2,1
Tyre size 18X8.5-8
Weight, kg 860
Hydraulic coupling, single action 2
Hydraulic coupling, double action 1
Hydraulic connection-free return 1
Number of hydraulic motors 2
Required oil flow, l/min 25
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar 175-210
3 point linkage Cat.2
Front linkage Cat.2
Front loader connection, euro 0
Electrical connection ISO/TR 12369
 * Depending on swath width
** Variable track width
X = Standard  O = Option  – = Not available

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