ELHO V-Twin 750


Introducing the ELHO V-Twin 750 Swather, delivering efficient and clean forage production with an impressive working width of up to 8 meters! Equipped with HydroBalance suspension, it follows the ground surface smoothly, while double rotors lift and move the forage to the center. The swath width can be optimized for your harvester’s needs.

With a flexible working width of 3-8 meters, adjustable from the cab while driving, the V-Twin 750 is ideal for scattering and irregular sections. Regardless of the forage harvester’s size, the rotors create a clean, regular, and fluffy swath that is easy to pick up, reducing the risk of clogging.

Swathing with a harvester enhances harvesting efficiency, reduces kilometers driven, and improves forage quality. Discover the numerous benefits ELHO swathers offer for forage producers and contractors!


Working width, m 3,0-8,0*
Swath width, m 1,3-1,8
Swath width adjustment, hydraulic
Swath width adjustment, mechanical x
Side shift at the draw bar, m
Tine pattern 7
Rotor diameter, mm 655
Number of rake tines 336
Transport width, m 2,6
Transport height, m 1,8
Transport length, m 6,9
Tyre size 300/80-18.3
Weight, kg 2170
Hydraulic coupling, single action 2
Hydraulic coupling, double action 1 (2)
Hydraulic connection-free return 0
Number of hydraulic motors 2
Required oil flow, l/min 25
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar 175-210
3 point linkage Cat.2
Front linkage
Front loader connection, euro
Electrical connection ISO/TR 12369
 * Depending on swath width
** Variable track width
X = Standard  O = Option  – = Not available

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