V-Twin 750 RAKE


The ELHO V-Twin 750 swather is equipped with the HydroBalance suspension to ensure that the machine follows the ground surface smoothly and the forage stays clean. Double rotors lift the forage and throw it to the centre. The swath width can be optimised based on the harvester pickup width. The V-Twin is also great on widespread fields.

There is less distance to cover, harvesting is more efficient, the forage stays clean, and fuel consumption is reduced. This machine offers nothing but benefits!


Working width, m: 3,0-8,0*
Swath width, m: 1,3-1,8
Swathwidth adjustment mechanical: Standard
Tine pattern: 7
Rotor diameter, mm: 655
Number of rake tines, pcs: 336
Transport width, m: 2,6
Transport height, m : 1.8
Transport length, m: 6,9
Tyre size: 380/55-R17
Weight, kg: 2170
Hydraulic connection-single action: 2
Hydraulic connection-double action: 1 (2)
Hydraulic connection-free return: 1
Hydraulic motor, pcs: 2
Required oil flow: 25l/min
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar: 175-210
3 point linkage : Cat.2

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