1500 Proliner Wrapper


The ELHO Proliner 1500 – a robust and fast mounted bale wrapper
The Proliner 1500 can wrap six layers of plastic around a bale with a diameter of 1.2 metres in approximately 35 seconds from loading to offloading.
The ELHO Proliner 1500 is a robust 3-point mounted round bale wrapper.
The wrap cycle is fully automatic from load to unload.
The machine is equipped with two 500/750 mm plastic pre-stretchers with film break sensors.
Extremely sturdy structure.
The wrapping table has three rollers whose synchronised rolling ensures smooth rotation of the bales.
Bale rotator as option.


Control: Automatic
Pre-stretchers: 2 x 750
Recommended bale diameter: 1,2-1,4m
Recommended bale width: 1,2m
Maximal bale weight, kg: 1000
Prepared for LS hydraulics: Standard
Max wrapping speed: 40rpm
Weight, kg: 1250
Length, m: 2.7/3.53
Width, m: 2.05
Height, m: 2.44
Oil pressure, bar: 180-200
Hydraulic flow max/min l/min: 50/20
Electrical connection ISO/TR 12369: 12V/10 Amp
Hydraulic connection-single action: 1
Hydraulic connection-free return: 1

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