Feedout-Rotor Cutter 1800


Simple structure, self-loading and reliable
Low maintenance costs, low maintenance needs (small number of parts subject to wear)
Discharge to both left and right side
Effective straw shredder
Short cutting length


Tractor power requirment, min/max, kW *): 50-60
Round bales max Ø m: 1,7
Weight approx, kg: 1100
Loading force, kg: 1200
Total width, m: 2,6
Length, m: 2,5
Number of knives standard, pcs: 17
Number of knives max, pcs: 17
PTO speed, rpm: 540-1000
PTO-shaft with friction torque limiter: Standard
Hydraulic connection-single action: 1
Hydraulic connection-double action: 1
Hydraulic connection-free return: 1
Hydraulic flow max/min l/min: 30/10
Oil pressure, bar: 170-210

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